I am currently on Maternity Leave and therefore will not be taking on new clients until March 2019. 

The Big Questions


Hi! I'm Alice,

I became interested in the area of emotional wellbeing as a child when I witnessed the impact of depression, loss and anxiety on the lives of family members and friends. I studied Psychology and Counselling as a means to learn how to help myself, and others, find healthy ways to move forward from, and cope with, difficult life experiences and emotions.

I worked in Mental Health for over 8 years. My experience in this area means I have worked with people from all walks of life with many different issues. I worked as part of a therapy team for 3 years.

I work with Adults with a range of issues including; depression, anxiety, stress, addiction, abuse, relationship issues, self-harm, low self-esteem, bereavement and loss. 


Phoenix Place For Health is a contemporary, innovative and vibrant Multi-Therapy Centre in Heybridge, Maldon, Essex. Combining conventional medicine, complementary therapies and a well-being studio.  Our group of dedicated and experienced practitioners and instructors aim to make our clients’ health and happiness their priority!  

I also offer Online/Video Counselling, though Zoom (free to use Video Conferencing), to those who are unable to make a Face to Face appointment.


Counselling can enable you to move forward from any issues that make you unhappy in your life. Counselling can help in a number of ways; it can help you to change your perspective of your situation, provide a safe, confidential space to speak openly and reflect, enable you to learn new coping skills and it can support you in building your confidence and self-esteem which will empower you to make positive changes.